Pure Optimists is a give-back lifestyle brand/movement to empower people to progress on the scale of optimism. It is an inspired idea that aims to use retail, art, media, apparel, and research based practices to cultivate a movement of connection & optimism for ALL.

Give + Receive + Expand

Pure Optimists is committed to use ethical and sustainable sources for our products. We give a percentage of our profits to programs and Mindfulness projects that support all people. Pure Optimists products and activities embody good intent with the practical strategies of positive psychology and meditation.

Artist-Gina Miller

Gina Miller is the creator of Pure Optimists, visual artist, Mother of three, certified meditation instructor and health coach. Gina has taken her appetite for learning from Emily Carr University where she received her BFA, to researching positive psychology and meditation, which inform everything she seeks to explore. Gina is passionate about creativity in many forms, which include nature, music, mental health, food, fashion, literature and film.

The Story

“I was living in the fluxes of grief after my brother Grant had recently died of cancer, when I received the concept of Pure Optimists. Death does something magical when we can be willing to be in the presence of the liminal space- to see the beauty and the urgency of life. This inspired idea was brought on by my long time meditation practice and my connection to Grant, whom was truly one of the most optimistic people I have known.
As I was lying by a friend’s pool one afternoon, I overheard a woman snarl: “Well no one’s born a pure optimist!” Thus the name for the brand was gifted to me in a heartbeat of awareness.
Optimism is a spectrum and our levels can be improved just as mine has been. The concept evolved from that truth. What would it be like to be so bold, badass enough, to proclaim positivity and optimism- especially in the current political/cultural climate? Moreover, how could tangible optimism be actualized for everyone? Wearing a shirt that said Optimistic was planting the first seed. The rest was clear to me, which was to support mindfulness programs that connect and to educate people as a path to uplift themselves and others.
Pure Optimists was the manifestation of grief as I was dwelling in feelings of purposelessness and loss. I’ve found my purpose, which is to share the possibility of being an engaged human with a positive way of seeing the world, and creating a life you want to live. I can now call myself a devoted Optimist.”


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