Wee Optimists

Wee Optimists
Mindfulness Programs


10% of our garment sales go to funding our kids’ Mindfulness & Yoga Programs to sustain Optimism!
If every eight year old was taught meditation we will eliminate violence in the world within one generation” – Dalai Lama.
Our classes use non secular curricula to teach age appropriate mindfulness techniques in a playful way!
Your child will learn how to use all of their senses to discover their inner and outer worlds: well being for life. The play based teaching will give your child the tools to self regulate, relax, focus and strengthen their nervous systems. We believe in possibility, belief and JOY here at Wee Optimists!
We offer an 8 week session to instill a consistent practice and introduce a new mindfulness technique each week.
Other 1 day “Parties” and “Wee Retreats” are to follow!
Our kids’ classes commence in September 2018